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Also, my 43 has the SI StreetComp on it. Holsters for the Glock 48 fit it perfectly.

It also has the “full height” SI suppressor sights. You do need to make sure holsters will fit taller suppressor sights.

I ordered an OWB from TR Holsters for a G48 with optic, and had to do a little filing and fitting with my heat gun to get the front sight to work.

I always put a note with my holster orders to “mold for tall/full-height suppressor sights.” Except for the above from TR. I just forgot.

Thanks for that info, XO has a SI43 slide on order and going with the exact setup. Went with the 508 for the bigger window but also for compatibility. Can swap optics more easily down the road rather than having two different sized optics.

Done a fair few of holster mods so I'm not too worried there. Good to know about requesting sight height. Seems pretty common on full sized Glock holsters but not sure on the slim line.