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Out think them. Work to change the law to allow deadly force on three or more attackers in a hand fight.
As apamburn pointed out, 'disparity of force' is already a legally recognized part of self-defense law. But I want to address a different part of this: the "change the law" mentality is defeatist. It accepts that the "law" (lower case "l") is supreme and must be obeyed. And it sheepishly believes that we have the power to control the law through democratic process. This is a fiction, and has always been a fiction. The vast majority of law on self-defense is case law, not legislative statutes. No congress or body of representatives voted on it. The rules were established by black-robed jurists who were (and are) convinced that they know better than you and have a better understanding of any given technical topic than do the experts who have devoted their lives to that field of study. There is no profession as inclined to intellectual arrogance as the judiciary. Even medical doctors seem modest in comparison.

You cannot change these laws. Stop trying to. Stop dreaming that it is possible. Accept the corruption of the system and move around it. To use Bruce's line: Move like water. If you try to meet this problem head-on, you will be crushed. Learn to live like a criminal, or die like a brave soldier.