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    Quote Originally Posted by Jons999 View Post
    Current rumor is Kamala will be the Supreme Court pick and Pete Buttigiege will get bumped up to VP. Biden denied that today, but wouldn’t be the first time he was out of the loop on his decisions.
    Now that Joe is woke and all I have just two words to say to him: Clarence Thomas.
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    All while these incompetent fucksticks are jingling the keys about Ukraine, Joe's ATF appears to be pulling some unlawful tyrannical bullshit tomorrow morning.

    Saw this on the 'Tube. Seems like this might be it's own thread under "communism"

    ALERT: Leaked internal ATF Email - ATF moving on FRT and WOT Triggers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by henri View Post
    I don't know the idea of sending troops to Russia winter....just doesn't sound right. Has it been done before ? Hmmmm...
    From what I have read about the Russian invasion route thru Ukraine there is a lot of marshland heading towards the Neba river. The Russians will be using mechanized units so they need to attack in the next few weeks before the spring thaw or the tanks will be sunk 6 feet deep in mud.

    Also interesting, Russia mobilized just enough military to take Eastern Ukraine, but not to fight off NATO. They may do the Biden authorized “minor incursion” and take the part of Ukraine that is primarily occupied by people of Russian heritage and not move to take the entire country. Much more reason for us to not get involved.
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    One of the flight tracker apps shows a USAF Rivet Joint (signals recon) bird making loops over Western & Central Ukraine this morning.
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