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    Default Springfield Hellion Bullpup

    My hatred for the XD series can tend to color my perception of anything SA markets. I try to remember that the m1a tanker may be the perfect rural truck gun, but anything new they do I tend to be a little cynical about. This new bullpup is based on some Croatian military rifle tested in Afghanistan. Takes AR mags, so that's one initial point in its favor. Anyone seen these in person yet?

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    It looks like the offspring of a Tavor and a Kel-Tec, and probably inherited its reliability from the K-T family line. If you want a bullpup, buy an AUG.
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    I'm in no way advocating buying it. I'm not a bullpup man. Just saw it and wondered if anyone has seen it in person.

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    Looks like it has the requisite 16" + lop as well. Pass.

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    Not in person. No fan of Springfield, but this is purportedly a semi auto version of the Croation service rifle and it's been around in one form or other for about 15 years.

    TFB, Inrange and Forgotten Weapons have run videos on it the last couple of days, including live fire. One of the FW video shows disassembly.

    Doesn't look like junk, but:

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    Some commonality with AR parts is a good thing. The adjustable length of pull is a good thing.

    Still, I will be sticking with the AUG.
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    I got to handle one last week. No live fire. It seemed
    well made to me, but I really didn't pay much attention
    to it. To far afield from my "standard" manual of arms
    to be of interest to me.

    Ejection port was switchable for lefties, which is commendable.
    Charge handle is ambi, as well.

    Overall a strong meh, for me.
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    As a fan of bullpups and the AUG in particular, the ability to shoulder transfer and not eat brass (as seen in the Forgotten Weapons video) makes it fairly unique in the category.

    Not a fan of the G36 rail look, but it does provide a lot of real estate options for optics and makes the charging handle accessible ambidextrously.

    Looks cobbled together and the reviews said trigger was, typical of bullpups, not great.

    Bilateral use seems to be it's real advantage. Otherwise, I am still Team AUG. If it was $900, it would be worth an experiment, but it seems to be in the $2k range which makes it equal to other more established designs.

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