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    I am aware of the issue since about half a year. Samsung is providing a similar product.

    I found it "opens" the approach of location tracking to criminals who would otherwise not use it since they donīt have the professionalism necessary to use gps tracking.
    As gps tracking is better (apple air tags need apple "infrastructure" to register the location and therefore in rural areas and if the target does not use an iphone might not work as well) I thought professionals would still favor this over air tags and similar technology. I was surprised to find out, air tags are also being used by car thieves for high value sports or offroad vehicles.

    As a consideration:
    I estimate the average Antifa footsoldier is not inclined or qualified to use gps tracking but might stick an air tag to your car if he sees you as a target.
    Another plus for a criminal: The airtag is not registered to a user whereas gps tracking usually involves SIM cards which require a registration process, the criminal would need to circumvent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostRidder View Post
    Apple's doing a good job on the privacy side of the house.

    "Only you can see where your AirTag is. Your location data and history are never stored on the AirTag itself. Devices that relay the location of your AirTag also stay anonymous, and that location data is encrypted every step of the way. So not even Apple knows the location of your AirTag or the identity of the device that helps find it."
    The context of the issue I raised is an Android device running Apple's Airtag app...which probably gives Apple extra capability to track the Android device, which they would not have, but for that app...I just don't know the privacy risks of doing so.
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    Looks like the AirTag would be good to put on things like your ATV/tractor or other items high on the list to get stolen. You can trace it to where the thieves are holding it. Even your dog if he likes to roam.

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    You can bet the more organized Antifa "black block" street rioters are going to be using these.

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    That wouldn't be a bad thing as long as you found it. Then you would know to call your pals because the party is coming to you, wherever you choose.... there's a hint in there somewhere.

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