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    Default Cleaning rod case

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]62341[/ATTACI always like to carry a cleaning rod in my drag bag for my precision rifles. I prefer the Dewey carbon rods, but they aren’t cheap. I can see myself dropping my bag and breaking the cleaning rod, so I made a case for it. Really easy and cheap. All it is is an appropriate length of cpvc pipe with an end cap on it. To get the rod to stay in the case without falling out all you have to do is gently heat the open end and compress it lightly. It will create a friction fit on the brass part of the handle. Works very well. Wrapped the tube with two pieces of self adhering Velcro to hold it in place within the drag bag. Works like a charm. Not so worried about breaking the cleaning rod now.
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    That's a great idea. Are you also using a cleaning rod guide for cleaning? Prevents chamber throat erosion....
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    How often are you cleaning your bore that it requires you to have a rod with you?
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