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Tried a shot of that on New Year’s on a dare. Everyone in the place was going on about how nasty it was, so of course I had to see for myself.... yeah, it’s nasty. But only because it leaves a bitter taste on your tongue for a while. If you’ve ever accidentally ended up with a ladybug on your tongue, it tastes exactly like that. Other than the bitterness, there isn’t anything else to it. It’s bad... but not as bad as everyone says. I’d still drink it before I’d drink any of the menthol flavored crap that so many seem to enjoy.
I think this is similar to the cilantro thing...some people just react very poorly to cilantro.

I react very poorly to Malort and think it is every bit as bad and perhaps worse than what everyone says.

I will forever blame Nichols for exposing me to the abomination that is Malort. Humanity is less for the fact that it is produced, and that is coming from someone with a low opinion of humanity to begin with.

It is vile, vile stuff.