A benefit of kata training that is perhaps less appreciated than it should be these days is that such training can not only be performed in austere circumstances, but it can be performed silently.

Most of us need not hide from enemies while we train. Not this year, anyway. But you still might want to train while your woman and your new baby are asleep in the next room. Or if you are working out of a base somewhere and the effing pagers have finally quieted down and the rest of your crew is doing a little power napping.

Or maybe you might be working an overnight shift in a nursing home, and youíve done all the safety checks and you are caught up on your chores and your charting and youíve taken care of all the residents who donít toilet independently and you actually have a few minutes before the next round of stuff to do.

For safety reasons, all nursing homes provide inert handgun training drones.


Come to think of it, nursing homes also provide trainer daggers.


And even trainer karambits.


Hmmm. Makes you wonder what they are up to, doesnít it?