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    Unless you are LE (duty to stop/board other vessels), for most situations, whatever your usual EDC is.

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    I will add that belt bag carry (such as Galco Escort) is a practical way to carry on board when in swim trunks & such.

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    Pistols and shotguns have already been mentioned. A braced PGO shotgun with rifle sights or RMR is an exceptional tool for this application.

    One thing I might suggest...the point about having a hand free on an unsteady boat is important. If one really wants a rifle on a boat, there's a good argument for a bullpup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 62-10 View Post
    I will add that belt bag carry (such as Galco Escort) is a practical way to carry on board when in swim trunks & such.
    One that's waterproof, at least water resistant, or one that actually floats would be right handy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post
    One that's waterproof, at least water resistant, or one that actually floats would be right handy.
    Nerf gun, even bullets float and are reusable....
    Nothing says Fuck You like a shotgun.....

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    Sorry, couldn't resist!
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    I think the hallmark of a good thread around here is a thread that is 75% good info and 25% asshattery. Lol. Like we would in person.
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    OK...some good answers and some biden-stupid answers. Here are mine -

    What is the objective? To repell pirates and have a cool story? If so, here is what i would suggest.

    1. Never post anything about it to maintain plausible deniability.
    2. Find out what region is most likely to have maritime hijacking, and what sort of vessel is most attractive
    3. Obtain that type of vessel and hang out on the X regularly giving the impression that you are a lazy drunk boater with a rolex.
    4. secretly fortify your vessel in a plausible manner. Have other friends aboard who are in line with your philosophy.
    5. Be armed with the weapons likely to be carried by a casual boater...pistols...maybe a shotgun maybe a rifle.

    Then set the ambush and wait. When set upon, give them the opportunity to act first...maybe even have it on a casual boating video. Then dump the fuck out of the police in shock and mission completed

    Think it can't be done exactly like that? That was the MO of Crime Suppression Teams all over the world.

    If your mission is to protect your boat it is simpler.

    Don't go boating in shitty waters.
    Don't dock in shady docks.
    Have the same shit with you that you normally have.

    If your focus has to be maritime protection instead of gazing at the Crossfit Ladies in their thongs, you probably picked the wrong place to go. JMHO
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    Here you go...I have considered getting a Mariner in the past.

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    I appreciate all of the contributions here.

    Gabe I'm on the same page with you on the 3 S rules (or whatever they are called) - they apply here as much as anywhere else.

    I'm definitely there for fun with my kids and I'm blessed to have a sexy AF wife with sexy friends...last year's in-ground pool has already paid for itself multiple times over and I'm expecting a repeat performance on our boat.

    But ya know, I like guns and I want to integrate them in our waterborne activities.

    My daily carry is a G19 RMR. I typically also have my PDW brace and either a 10.5 inch 5.56 or 8.5 inch .300 BO in a bag in car, along with other goodies.

    I'm totally on board (forgive the pun) with just using those and carrying that bag on the boat, but I do have questions about being so close to / on the water.

    Are these weapons going to be exposed to more moisture on a boat than normal (assumed: yes)? And if so, are some weapon materials more resilient to to those conditions than others (also assumed: yes)? Or do I just need to give any guns carried (especially, carried openly) on a boat a little love after an outing?

    If I intend to keep dedicated weapons on the boat (say, a dedicated 12 GA shotgun) would I need to do anything proactive to keep it in ship shape (damn it again with the boat puns)?

    A braced PGO shotgun definitely sounds fitting here.....really liking that recommendation Brent!

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