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    The vegetarians I have run into are lefties and overly concerned about things they have little control over...instead of just living and having a happy life. Save the whales and kill the seals kinda thing. I think most do have mental problems and vegetarianism is one of the symptoms.

    "If your sport does not put grease, blood, or dirt under your fingernails, then it's just a game!"

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    Predators eat meat. Prey animals eat grass. Go figure!

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    Might be correlation and not causation. I think being a communist a hole make you more likely to be vegetarian. All that hate for trump, freedom, and America makes you miserable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigEd63 View Post
    Funny, as that reminded me of an informal study I did one day. Nothing truly statistical.
    But a few years back I started noticing a fair amount of wild animal attacks in humans involved vegetarians.
    Don't know if it has to do with the granolas generally going outdoors unarmed or what.
    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post
    They not only act like prey, they smell like prey.
    There might be something to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos View Post
    Predators eat meat. Prey animals eat grass. Go figure!
    The larger pest animals that seem to survive human hunting pressure very well like eastern coyotes and hogs eat anything. They will kill critters and eat some vegetarian things. The feral pigs are the best at it in all ways. Other than man, about the only critters that kill pigs are large gators and maybe the local pumas. Many places have open season on coyotes and hogs and allow just about any weapon and tactics.

    As to what food humans are designed to eat, well grass was never on the menu for sure. Our closest relatives the chimps do like some meat when they can get it. Our guts are shorter being intended for higher energy foods like meat, roots, grains, and fruit. For salads not so much. North western european diet has also included a lot of beer and dairy for a very long time. Most of us here can drink fresh milk as adults and not get sick because we have a specific genetic mutation that likely came into europe with Indo-European invasions and then it got selected for. Those from southern europe often can not milk.

    The biggest thing with diet is eating too much without exercise.

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