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    My thoughts:

    Quote Originally Posted by DC950 View Post

    Sorry, I just am not buying that SA will be making that pistol in the US from only US sourced parts
    If they're importing parts in the rough and final processing local, the word will get out.

    and selling it at that price.
    They've listed the MSRP. I checked on GB a few weeks ago. They're being scalped at around $1,11.00 to $1,200.00.

    It is a lot of money to risk to try to resurrect a pistol whose heyday was 50 years ago.
    It's a niche market. I think a lot of baby boomers and gen-x buyers are doing so for I think, sentimental reasons and they're the generation with expendable income.

    It also doesn't fit SA's business model of putting their name on imported guns.
    In addition to the XD-E which was made in Croatia, their base model 1911A1 was once made in Brazil, it had Q.C issues.

    If the whole thing isn't imported, I would be completely shocked if the frame and slide did not come from Turkey, either rough or finished. My bet is they add enough value to a pistol made from imported parts to classify it as US made.
    You may be right. Time will tell.

    The LKCI Regent clone from Turkey is a fine pistol. If you can find one.
    "If you can find one" is the key phrase. This would indicate that there is a consumer demand that SA want's to tap into.

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    Already trying to find one. Looks like SA has done great job on the SA-35.

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    Saw an advertised IOP(LE/MIL discount) pre-order price of $541.

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    I'll get one but I struggle buying from SA. They just are a shitty company ethically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavySmoke View Post
    I'll get one but I struggle buying from SA. They just are a shitty company ethically.
    Care to elaborate? Not arguing, just asking.

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    I have an Argentine Hi-Power that I bought in 1993 for 249 dollars at a gun show and I still have it. It rattles a little when I shake it, and the trigger has the reset tension of firm cold oatmeal. But, it NEVER jams, and I have shot everything from sketchy reloads to match ammo through it. It is currently my "bailout" gun because I bought 3 17 round mags and 4 13 round mags for it at the same gun show.

    Just prior to that I sold an actual Browning HP that I had bought for 549 dollars to get money for my first AK and I've been kicking myself for some time about that life choice.

    My plan is to buy one, but I am going to source a trigger group from them also and see if it will retrofit into my Argentine for a "drop in" to see if it is a good replacement.
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    Hold off a bit. Finish issues aside, there seem to be extraction problems and reported slide binding when they get hot.

    Let others do the beta testing. SA will work out the bugs.
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    I've always been a fan of the Hi-Power; nothing fits my hand better with the right grips on it, except maybe a K-frame S&W revolver. I'm hoping to get one of the new ones and have it worked over for carry.

    Still working on buying back the .40 Hi-Power I had back in the 1990's, that my parents had - as a Christmas/Birthday present - worked over by C&S for me. I'd sold it when I went through my divorce, but recently I found out a friend ended up with it. When he found out it was mine, he agreed to hold it until I could save up enough to buy it back from him, and he'd sell it to me for what he paid for it.

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