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    Default Moving On,Life after a life of LE

    So... that black hole known as a carrer in LE showed me a light at the end of the tunnel. Been planning my retirement for 10 years. I am out, but will keep my certifications so I can work as a instructor when needed. Been a emotional rollorcoaster of a year trying to rap my mind around not being the police. Not near Social Security age so I will go to work some where,low stress until I reach that milestone. Trying to be a better man for my god and my family. I find myself slipping into the judgemental, opinionated mode very easily. The upside is I can almost remember life before being the police, being happy and enjoying life. When I got into LE, I was all in, all the way, pass the kool-aid in. I regret that decision and the oppotunities in life I missed out on. I know my retiring was the right choice for me, buy then there is the second guessing. Anyway the transformation is underway. I am proud of my unbroken service record and my contributions and the quaility of work I provided my community.
    End of surrmon.

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    Three years to go this month and I’ll move to Prescott and do something different. I don’t care what different entails.

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    "I regret that decision and the opportunities in life I missed out on."

    I don't regret making that decision. I loved the work. And in unguarded moments, I still think about what I've got to do, where I have to go, and who I have to contact--as though I'd never left.

    Call it daydreaming if you like. Logic has nothing to do with it. Everyone tells me I'm better off retired--financially and physically (and someday, mentally). If things had gone the way I planned, I might have extended and kept going until next month, had the repairs done and run out my accumulated time in June 2022. Forty years in law enforcement would have had a nice ring to it. As it is I got thirty eight, and the last 15 were the best by far.

    Not to be. Gotta play the cards you're dealt and drive on.

    Congratulations. Every day above grass is a good one.
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    Congratulations and I wish you the very best of success with your next chapter of life.

    I retired after wearing a badge for 30 years. I haven't missed it one bit. Life is good!

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    Congrats! Don't look back. Enjoy what you had & did, look forward to what you'll be doing. I miss it at times (Less & less the last couple years), but find something else to do & enjoy life.
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    I'm day to day. The powers that be know that I can retire faster than they can fire me. That, and having no ambition beyond running my squad of amazingly good kids and seeing to their long-term success, means I'm bulletproof.

    Got some church work lined up, some personal development planned, and people that I owe for a lot of missed holidays. It'll suck to leave when I'm just getting good at this, but that's the way of things.

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    The day I was eligible to retire was a weight off my shoulders. I love the work still and have no intention of retiring yet, but the knowledge that I COULD is calming beyond words. I work for a great admin where you get a fist bump for blowing out your own windshield to stop a homicidal pursuit instead of a writeup, and the first question when something kicks off is "How are the guys?" . However, I know things CAN change at the legislative side, or in another election (though unlikely as the boss is pretty popular with the community).

    When I get out I plan on using the skill set either in the teaching or protective areas, maybe even a Gigilo ( though the Cougars are now more Sabertooths at my its easy to outrun the walkers, as the tennis balls get caught on carpet ;)

    Enjoy, and unwind enough to know that the shit you get into now will be by and far of your choosing, not the radio.

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    I retired about 6 years ago after 25 yrs of service, most of that working patrol. I miss the guys and gals I worked with, but since leaving LE my stress levels have dropped pretty much off the radar. I don't miss the heartache, the fights, and getting sued. Enjoy the next chapter of life .

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    Congrats. I very much identify with your posting. I'm 3 years out after 25 years and a previous 4 as an MP. It was odd the first year. Proud of my service. Glad I'm out would not go back for all the whisky in Ireland

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    I never was in law enforcement and have a good idea of the low moral in the profession nowdays. I planned, invested, and retired early. Moral had been low in my profession, too. It is quite wonderful to be free and not tied down to anyone or anything. It has been seven years, and there is no way I could go to work for any amount of money because the freedom is too important. You will go through a process of change and realize how lucky you really are.

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