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    Life is simple. You can be the hunter or the hunted. There is no room left for those that are simply "cannon fodder." If you aren't acting and behaving like a hunter, you can rest assure, you are in fact being targeted by the hunters. It's their choice and they choose to allow the predators to run amok there. I can't say that I feel any sorrow for them. They allowed themselves to get exactly where they are.

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    If I were a predatory scumbag, I'd be looking into Norwegian residency. When this story broke and I read that cops there don't carry guns my first thought was "what a great place to be a criminal."

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    This thread got me to reading up some on Norway...since I know little about the country. It seems pretty democratic and a lot like the other European countries overseas. Firearms are allowed but not as open as America. Silencers are not controlled like they are here.

    Wikipedia on their political system:

    Wikipedia on Norway gun rights:

    What I don't how the police did not respond with firearms. Maybe there is less of a crime culture in Norway than over here...and people are more relaxed? Even countries like New Zealand and Australia have armed police with highly controlled anti-gun laws. Maybe they have a larger Muslim population than we think?

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