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    Default BOOKS AND DVDS 25%

    This is your chance to learn more with winter around the corner and the holidays fast approaching we have decided to do a 25% all books and DVDs. This a great opportunity to learn more about Gabe's teachings or share it with a friend or family member. Unlike Kindles when traveling or somewhere that lacks a readily available power supply book batteries don't die.

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    Those of you who actually want to learn should take advantage. Unlike many instructors, Gabe teaches through video VERY well. The dvds aren’t that much to begin with.

    I don’t know what all is available in the store right now, but for just one example, Gabe’s AK videos are excellent. Of course there are parts specific to the AK, but most of it is applicable to all platforms.
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    The videos are good, I have most of them.... Like Brent said most carry over to the other rifles, shotguns, pistols.... Even if you have done the training it helps to have a refresher so you can go over all the drills and movements before you go and train. Plus, if you train people here and there like me(basically to get them so they can shoot with you) it dosnt hurt to watch the videos before hand. Training should be right there in your priorities along with buying new shit.... I have limited time to actually do live fire drills, most of what Gabe and others here are teaching can be done in your living room....
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    Yes buy them all. Unless I am mistaken I have the whole library. Great to use before you take the class and a fantastic review for after and the best option if the class isn't available. I highly reccommend the fighting in structures and the ak dvds. They apply to everything.
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    I've used these DVD's and books in my library as a reference for my class material since before I became a Staff Instructor. The books, DVD's, classes, and class notes ARE THE WAY.
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    Just placed an order to add to the collection. Good deals!
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