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    Default Not exactly a pocket knife...

    Taking a cue from Brent and his recent knife acquisition, I was speaking to a knife maker on another forum about fighting Bowies. Inspired by the Bagwell “Hell’s Belle” and similar knives which are more for “social work” than “bushcraft” we collaborated on this final product.

    It balances just in front of the guard. The rear edge is sharped well for a proper back cut.

    I’ll work some drills later to see how it handles. Anyone got a spare side of pork hanging around?
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    Nice looking knife and sheath, let us know how it handles and cuts.
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    Nice looking blade!

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    Beautiful handle on that thing, I like that.

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    He had several blanks to choose from, that is stabilized Koa. After looking at a lot of handle fastening techniques, we settled on the mosaic pins - hard to see in the photos, but even the small ones are mosaic. Might as well look good, right? :) The blade steel is AEB L, heat treated to HrC 59-60.

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    Very nice! I agree with the sentiment that it "might as well look good." A knife can be both utilitarian and aesthetic. If you're paying to get a knife made, get both form and function.

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    Very nice looking knife. I really like the way the handle turned out on it.

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    Forgive this odd comment, but with knives and women the question seem as to always be:

    Do you want it to look good or work well under hard use?

    My response is always - why do I have to choose like my only options are one or the other?

    Great knife... Beautiful and functional.

    Well done Sir
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    That is gorgeous. I'm definitely envious.

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