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    Default Russian: Latest Version of the AK-12

    No details, but mentions designs or versions of it that did not work. The AK-12 in 5.45 is shown and there is mention of the AK-15 in 7.62x39.

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    I think I can spoil the mystery?

    Defense manufacturer Kalashnikov, a subsidiary of industrial giant Rostec, told reporters at Russia’s ARMY 2021 defense exhibition that the AK-12 assault rifle will become the new basic weapon for Russian troops. “The AK-12 has served as a replacement for the AK-74 since 2018 and will become the basic gun of the Russian Armed Forces in the next few years,” Kalashnikov’s press office announced. The company noted that the AK-12’s current and final design is based on feedback from field tests conducted in the lead-up to ARMY 2020. “The AK-12’s final design, shaped following its operational evaluation by troops, was featured at the Army 2020 forum,” according to the press office. “Now the Kalashnikov is producing this AK model already taking into account all improvements.”

    Semper Fi!

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