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    Has anyone ever use one of those Elite Tactical Systems Universal magazine loaders.


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    Yes. The ETS rifle loader made short work of 5.56 mags...but the ETS pistol loader was less-than-effective with (believe it or not) ETS mags! <grin>

    (the brass-cased stuff seemed to work ok but, unlike advertised, the rails were often too thick to slide on and pick up 9mm rounds out-of-the-box on some brands...and was super-difficult to pick up any steel-cased Tulammo 9mm, e.g., lots of friction, per round, to slide down the ETS loader rail, limiting loads to only 2 or 3 rounds per "squeeze")


    The ETS rifle loader: good-to-go and often faster than a Mag-LULA.

    The ETS pistol loader: Ok on brass; bad on steel. An UP-LULA was as fast (on brass-cased) and often much faster -- and much more reliable -- on steel-cased 9mm pistol rounds.

    Just my experience. Your mileage may vary...

    Hope that helps
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    I have used to UP-Lulu to load THOUSANDS of rounds in Glock magazines and LOVE them! Once you get the hang of it, you can fly by and not even pay attention what you are doing
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    The Lulu pistol mag loaders are hard to beat. I have seen multiple people at matches using other style loaders and none worked as easily as the Lulu. I like their rifle model, also but have not tried any others.

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