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    Default Friend injured in Syria and given zero chance to live has written a book…

    So some of you may remember a couple years back me posting a thread asking for prayers for a friend who was injured in a suicide bombing in Syria just 10 days before he was scheduled to leave the sandbox. Well, thankfully against all odds Jon survived and has written a book about the experience and his road to recovery…

    An American special operations team leads the fight to remove ISIS from Manbij and the surrounding region in Syria in this account told through the eyes of Army Capt. Jonathan Turnbull.

    After multiple heroic operations, returning electricity to 400,000 civilians, and helping thousands of girls return to school, ISIS did everything it could to thwart the offensive. Turnbull is injured in a suicide bombing and given no chance of surviving.

    When Samantha met the lead trauma surgeon overseas, she found out her husband had lost his right eye, had no skin or tissue on the right side of his face, had multiple skull fractures, and numerous other injuries. They told her he'd likely be paralyzed on one side and may not remember much of anything, including her and their son.

    The couple was finally reunited, but it was not the meeting either had planned for-and it was the hardest thing in the world. Samantha was happy to see him alive but heartbroken to see him in such a condition.

    Find out how God stepped in to work miracles in the life of a soldier who was given a zero percent chance of surviving in this book that celebrates freedom, faith, and heroes.

    I’d encourage everyone to support Jon and pick up a copy. He’s a helluva man, friend, and one of the best Officers I ever had the opportunity to serve with. He’s come a long way since the attack, and he and his wife welcomed another child just last year.
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    Thank you for this post; I will buy a book.
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    Hard Copy on the way

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