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    Yeah, I'm surprised nobody has copied thing blade at a better price point. I love mine but want a cheeper one for when I might have to ditch it.
    Agreed. Probably partly no copying because it would be too easy to get in trouble for intellectual property issues, although the design is really not that distinctive; pretty simple, really. Amtac could probably sell some more if they made some with less expensive scale materials and used something like 1095 steel, rather than CPM20CV. Me, I'd totally buy one in 1095 with a good DLC or powder coating, like ESEE does. (I kinda regret going for S30V steel in my EDC folder (Spyderco PM2) and hunting knife (Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinner) because the steel is a pain in the arse to sharpen.) I've considered an Izula for this purpose multiple times but never actually gotten around to getting one, in part because I'd prefer a handle design more like Amtac's and like the very "stabby" design of Amtac's knives.

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    One of the more squared away guys I know runs like a $20 Mora in his front pocket. The concept certainly seems to have merit...

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    Yow. Looks like a decent knife but at that price I don’t see anything compelling enough to justify it.

    It also looks like it’s pretty big for a pocket. Of course some pockets are bigger than others and mileage varies.

    I have been doing a little work with the Benchmade SOCP. I have heard some guys eventually had issues with the sheath, that hasn’t been my experience but it’s something to be aware of; it may wear out with use. If so, I will probably get a custom sheath made with adjustable retention like a holster.

    It takes up little room in the pocket, is comfortable and convenient, and I access it the same way I do my Heretic and ringed Endura. And it came with a trainer for a reasonable price.

    Not my first choice for an every day tool but as a quick access weapon…yeah, it works very well.

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    I have the new smaller Benchmade SOCP that is single edged for WA state legality. Benchmade recently redesigned the clip and I see Brent has the large double edge version with the new clip. The old clip would not keep the knife in the pocket while the new clip is excellent.

    I cannot figure out how to post photos otherwise I'd upload the two SOCP knives and the Amtac for scale. I have no issue with the Amtac in my pocket - it's a small knife. Are there instructions for posting pictures?

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