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    Default Training around Bone spurs in the shoulder and elbow

    Hi Guys,

    I figured this might be the best place to ask this question, has anyone had to deal with bone spurs in the shoulder area and elbow area. If you are right handed and these are in your right arm, how has that affected your training and how have you been able to train around them.


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    I have trained around bone spurs in my shoulder and neck. You just keeping doing what you can until it hurts so bad that you can’t take it anymore. Then you go the surgeon to listen how badly you’ve damaged your joint, and schedule your surgery.

    I’ve had three surgeries that weren’t limited to bone spurs, but did include them. One bone spur was sawing through a tendon, and another was pressing on a nerve. The tendon is now less a than half it’s normal thickness, a new shoulder joint, and I have permanent damage to the nerve.

    My advice it to talk to the doc about fixing the problem before you make it worse.

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    I have some on my spine (cervical area, some removed when I had a spinal fusion), and had one on my big toe.

    The one on my big toe was really annoying and I had it removed 3 years ago. Now I can walk a lot longer before the pain kicks in and can run (so far) up to 11.5 miles without that toe hurting any more than the rest of my feet.

    Flyfisher is right--go get it looked at. Surgery now is better than surgery later in many cases.

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