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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorkface View Post
    A bit defensive of him aren't ya? Like cops with masks and rolling over for antifa people in the military are going to have to choose a side. Mckinsey has made a choice. At that level he is a politician anyway.
    Actually I think you did make me think about it a bit more and you are right about that. Yes...Mckinsey screwed the pooch as well.

    The ultimate responsibility lies with Biden. He is the Commander-in-Chief of the US Military. If an officer in the field made the decisions he has made there would be a court martial. 13 troops killed, 18 more fighting for their lives and over 100 civilians dead. Needless loss of lives.

    In my mind...the buck stops at the top. Military as well as political. As with all corporations, a corrosive environment works its way from the top. The trickle down theory, I suppose?

    The generals are really just in love with themselves, their careers and money. They also know they are untouchable, and the more glowing reviews of these failed wars, the more pats on the back, the more ornaments adorn their uniforms, then the more boards they get to sit on at defense contractors. They are in love with their personal situations.

    To the officer corp below them, they are almost all yes men who want the same, or some piece of that same pie. This is true even of NCO's who wish to move on to the defense companies after they hang their uniforms up. It's a culture of double and triple dipping, and there is a pecking order to that according to rank.

    Absolutely none of these people are court martial-ed or fired, unless its for going against this money train.

    The only one so far to let the cat out of the bag is Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, (and he is still a true Lt. Col. in my mind), even though he stepped down. May he run for office somewhere because our country sorely needs true Patriots.

    Why is it that the higher up you get...the more corrupt you become? Is it because psychopathic personalities are attracted to power? I am now getting off track...


    "If your sport does not put grease, blood, or dirt under your fingernails, then it's just a game!"

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    There is growing dissention in the ranks. It would be a pretty cool redemption story if out of this Mckinsey had this event gnaw at him and resolve to choose side with freedom. Unless he would rather sit in court saying he was just following orders....
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