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    I see a lot of people who think they need a weapon light who don't even understand their mission. Most of us have the mission of being John Q. Public. We don't have much use for a Proactive Weapon tactics, pretty much everything we will do will be reactive. A weapon mounted light is mainly a proactive use tool. We are much better served with a quality handheld. Now on house guns, they are necessity. My around the house pistol is a Walther P99as with a Streamlight TLR1-HL carried in a Phlster Floodlight. I find it more comfortable to carry My EDC of two Glocks carried appendix than one with the light. And thus far in my experience, I will need the second gun more than a weapon light. All that said, if you can Comfortably Carry and conceal a weapon mounted light, more power to you. It's definitely not wrong, and it is another option to give you the edge. One should definitely not prioritize the light over a quality holster though.

    It does seem to be the trend currently that you must have a weapon light. There are only 3 lights for use on handguns that I would consider adequate, the Surefire X300, the Streamlight TLR1-HL, and the new Modlight. Unfortunately, many people trying to jump on the pistol light bandwagon end up going with poorer choices which increases the difficulty in finding a quality holster. Or they choose a light with subpar Illumination That is not much good Outside of the home (Streamlight TLR-7 & 6 for example).
    Well said. Most people I know who put a WML (weapon mounted light) on their EDC usually end up removing it after a couple months. It’s just too damn big. My home defense gun (Glock 21) sports a Surefire X300, but my EDC (Glock 19) does not. I carry a separate handheld Surefire (EB2) in my left pocket when out at night, but never a WML.

    Why a handheld instead of a WML? Because sometimes I just want to use the light by itself (i.e. navigating a dark parking lot). Flagging everyone with a WML while looking for dropped keys is going to draw unwanted attention. And no, I’m not carrying both.
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