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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Ron View Post
    Thank you, LawDog. Reveille looks like a bit of a drive for me but still a good option; there are not many choices around ATX.
    If you are on the southside (Buda-ish), look for The Ranch. It's more expensive, because you're paying for more clubhouse space, but it's got the ranges you'll want.
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    The best and most noteworthy range in our area is Peacemaker National Training Center in Gerrardstown, WV. It's about 100 minutes drive from DC and has a 1000 yard range as well as the usual rifle amenities and tactical pistol bays. Membership is about $480 for individuals. I've been there a couple of times and would go more often if I was more into long range shooting.

    They must be doing something right as the gun grabbing neighbors across the state line in Virginia want to shut them down.

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    A lot depends on what you want in a range. I'm more oriented to the precision target disciplines, so my want list is different. Having said that, there are two ranges that really impressed me...neither in the United States. One was the range in Pforzheim, Germany. We shot the 2012 World Muzzle-Loading Championships there. Gorgeous facility, electronic targets...and they would cycle through them during the match so that spectators could follow the shooting. The instant the relay was over, all scores were updated automatically and put up on large displays throughout the complex.

    The other was in Las Gabias, Spain. This was their national range...and a week earlier had hosted the ISSF World Championships. We didn't get to use their electronic targets (wrong software), but the facility was gorgeous. Lots of room for the shooters, and even spectators. And you could get a drink, go out on the veranda, and watch the shotgun match. The place was a country club with a range instead of a golf course.

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    Those that have trained at the Orange Gun Club/OGC can attest to it's status. I'm not just saying that because I'm the OGC President...
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    Cowtown Range in Glendale AZ is a members only shooting range and Gabe did a rifle class there a few years ago. It has an unknown rifle range out to 1000 yds., and it has fairly large bays that you schedule all to yourself/group. There are a few bays you can set your targets anywhere you like and move and shoot as you like, you are your own RSO. It is almost as good as good as going in the backcountry to shoot.
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    We should also run a thread on the most FUD range. Here in Kenmore Washington. Yes you can only load one round ago time.

    Supervised - For the general public, rifle shooting is done from the benchrest position, slow fire, loading one round at a time. This is done because we don't know the training or skill levels of the general public who use our range. This shooting is done under the supervision and control of our rangemasters. Matches, training, and other events are also conducted under supervision.

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    I can shoot out to 200m in the back yard here. If I take my truck over a couple hills out to the BLM range, there's a dry lake bed that's good out over 1500y.
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