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    Default 12 GA hollow point slugs

    I've never been a fan of boutique ammo but if these are as reliable as the DPX bullet, Damn.

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    I used to live where hunting deer was shotgun with slugs. I used Winchester Partition Gold Supreme. Using a rifled barrel, the drop is less than 2”, at 100 yards. With my 870, I could put three shots touching, at 100 yards. They are 385 grains, 1900 FPS. That’s 12 gauge, 2 3/4 inch shells.

    I think whatever kills deer, will kill other things. On the other hand, I would rather use number one, to 00 buck, for defense. Of course, context is everything.
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    $5/rd? I'll risk the ridicule of being called a Cheap Charlie. I'll spend money where I need to, but not with frivolity. This is expensive enough that it would restrain me from training with it sufficiently. I would have to be thoroughly convinced of the magical properties of this round before I would select it. I can buy ammo at 1/3 that price that is likely the full equivalent in performance. If someone produces some measurable, quantified data that compares this ammo with its competition, and it really comes out ahead, I would consider it. But at first glance this just seems ludicrously overpriced.
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    What is the intended use? I bet there are better optione depending.
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    I have used Remington Copper Sabots to hunt deer. They were about 3 bucks a round. The end results on were about the same as the picture of the expanded slug. This stupid state makes you use shotguns, very restricted revolvers, or muzzle loaders. IF you hit it, it does severe damage! Most deer do not go far. Would work for self defense but would rather have a rifle/carbine. No need to try to force a shotgun to do that work when you don't have to. We have to for deer. We DON"T have to for defense. If I grab a shotgun, it will have 00 buckshot.
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    If I'm going to be shooting slugs out of a SG for self-defense, and deal with the recoil and low capacity (and at $5 a pop), why wouldn't I just use a 50 BMG? If all we're after is terminal effect, then why accept any compromise, right?

    The above is very much tongue-in-cheek, but the idea is that a shotgun has it's niche, and should be kept there. A high capacity, magazine fed, low recoiling rifle has many advantages over a shotgun, but is still inferior in one metric: one shot stops at close range with buckshot. I realized a few years ago that I would never grab a SG over an AR, or similar, in a defensive situation and sold all of my defensive shotguns. As much as I like the devastation that a SG brings to the table at close range, I have yet to change my mind. I would still exclusively take a high cap pistol over a 13" pistol grip/birds-head grip SG for close range fighting.

    I recognize the single advantage it has, but this isn't enough to outweigh the disadvantages of not being able to use it single handed, slow reloading (which can partially be mitigated by proactive loading), high recoil, relative lack of precision, slow follow-up shots, etc. Juice just isn't worth the squeeze IMHO. Would I take a full size defensive SG over a pistol? Absolutely! Over an assault rifle? Nope.
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    I wasn’t aware of “standard” 12 gauge slugs ever really lacking in the “terminal effect” department, especially if placed appropriately.


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    Each weapon is designed to excel for what it was designed to do. You just can't beat a shotgun for throwing shot in a pattern by not having to aim like you would with a rifle.

    During the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, cannon that spewed out shot was devastating as well as demoralizing to the other side by the spread of the shot.

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    We've been in the mountains so haven't been following this.

    These just caught my attention as a Dayyyyyymn that's a big hole. I too see none of these in my safe since there really is no reason. Full tilt 00 will do anything i want.

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