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    Default Dark Alley Comp Review

    I've been carrying Glocks for over 20 years, I've been issued Glock 22's, 23's, 17's, & 19's off the top of my head. Now I carry for personal protection and have stayed with the platform. Courtesy of the knowledge gained over the years (a good portion of it here) I've slowly advanced my technological advantages including rolling the red dots these days. I decided to jump on the comp train finally so I grabbed a dark alley for my Glock 19 and took it out for a run yesterday. So here is what I did; I always have two pistols set up exactly the same for carry so I was able to shoot one with and one without the Dark Alley side by side to see if my groups were actually impacted by the comp. I'll bet you can see where this is going...

    While I didn't have a fancy measuring device, at 21ft. without the comp rapid fire I could contain the rounds in the head but loosely. With the comp, muzzle flip noticeably reduced and the grouping was fist sized (admittedly I have very large hands). So the only question I was left with was why the heck I waited so long to jump on the band wagon? I fired 50 rounds without the comp in total and 150 with it and was truly impressed with the lack of muzzle flip and time back on target. I've had ported barrels before and I distinctly remember flash being an issue. With modern low flash powder I didn't see any flash and grouped better than I have in years.

    Bottom line, I highly recommend if you haven't gone down this road already. I saw the thread about FTEs with a Glock 26, I didn't have any issues and I didn't change anything other than adding the comp. Same springs and such so I can't add value to that topic. Everything functioned perfectly as expected.

    Side note, the little rubber gaskets that SI sends with the comp and sells separately are better than those sold by anyone else that I've seen, perfect thickness, low profile, really nice. I'll be ordering more just to keep on hand.
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    Thank you for sharing

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    Always good to see more reviews by members here. I have a couple of those floating around here that came with some trigger kits and barrels, but haven't tried them yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steve_k View Post
    Always good to see more reviews by members here. I have a couple of those floating around here that came with some trigger kits and barrels, but haven't tried them yet.
    Something to get on soon Kilo. Street Comp or Back Alley (and triggers and barrels of course), each will provide a valuable improvement to any model.
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    If you have a threaded barrel there really isn't a reason to not have one vs the normal thread protector.
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