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Thread: HEROES

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    Default HEROES

    The word "Hero" should never be used unless the recipient of the accolade faced a situation that would likely have caused an instant death or a horrible maiming injury.

    Game players and sports people are matter their level of athleticism, they are emphatically not heroes.

    That title is better reserved for those who might easily have died in the process of earning it.
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    2 Samuel 22; Psalm 139:21-22

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    During the Rona, hospital employees were called heroes by administrators and politicians. Now, those same medical professionals who worked long hours in a stressful environment are pariahs because they don't want an experimental vaccine and are being fired. Those sanctimonious hospital administrators probably think that they just made themselves Heroes.

    Other misuses of the label "Hero"...

    Grocery store employees during the Rona. I am glad these people showed up to work, but their activities were not heroic.

    Democrat state legislators who refuse to do their jobs and cast votes at the state capitol, but flee to Washington and call themselves heroes.

    You alone are to be feared. Who can stand before you when you are angry? From Heaven you pronounce your Judgement, and the land feared and was quiet when you, O God, rose up to Judge, to save all the afflicted of the land.

    Psalm 76:7-9

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    Stealing and passing on...
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    Dare I add that said legitimately dangerous situation should offer an “out” to our protagonist that allows him to decline or accept. In my own industry the title is also thrown around willy-nilly. Being STUCK on a crippled aircraft and yet managing to save everyone on board makes you a cool stick and damn skilled at your profession…which you already should be…congrats on passing the ultimate test. Having a crippled aircraft that you CAN escape yet sticking with it to an uncertain end so that you can try to keep it from crashing into an unsuspecting populace below- THAT makes you a HERO.
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    “We knew not whither we were bound, not what we were to do;
    But we believed that the nearing future held for us many chances of hardship & death, of honor & renown.
    If we failed we would share the fate of all who failed;
    But we were sure that we would win.”
    -Theodore Roosevelt, The Rough Riders

    "Real freedom lies in wildness, not in civilization."
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    And, someone who gets killed is not necessarily a hero. Just a victim.

    Some call cops and soldiers heros. Not so. They may be potential heros. But, only if called to the task, and answered heroically.

    -- ML

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mushinto View Post
    Some call cops and soldiers heros. Not so. They may be potential heros. But, only if called to the task, and answered heroically.

    -- ML
    I think this statement is spot on. I also not sure anymore most won’t squander the opportunity.

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    Totally agree.
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    I once faced down a mob of angry Karens, who were threatening to eviscerate me for making the bold assertion that school teachers are not heroes.

    Does that make me a hero?
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