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Thread: HEROES

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    The left has been actively diluting the term "hero" for some time. This is in the same vein as participation trophies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike OTDP View Post
    I think we're getting into the difference between the honest-to-Horatius Heroes and the stout-hearted men in the phalanx. Heroes are, by definition, rare. They do exceptional feats under conditions of exceptional risk. The line troops - they are more commonplace. But also worthy of respect and honor, for they are the men who carry the day.

    Modern society has lost track of the distinction between Heroic, Honorable, and Craven.
    There are good courageous men in all units...and walks of life. The difference between them and one that is a hero is a matter of happenstance. One does not know when the test will come...when the traffic stop will become a gunfight and triple homicide...when the dark figures near the van are kidnapping a child...or when the man in the military BDUs pulls out an AK from under his jacket intent on jihad.

    It is at those times, when the courageous and the skilled coincide with events. When all the forces of the universe have conspired to put you there at that lace and time to receive Churchill's tap on the shoulder. To present you with a very special task for which you are eminently qualified. Many courageous men never receive the tap they have waited their lives for, yet in preparing for it they have become better men and better examples to follow. They are no less worthy of our respect than those who have received the tap, or multiple taps on their shoulders.

    And therein lies the difference. Someone who merely does their difficult job well deserves praise, but they are not heroes. Those who do the former and then face certain death to accomplish their mission...yes...those are the real heroes. Overpaid game players and entertainers are not in either camp.
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    The Storm Chasers whom risk their lives to warn cities of tornadoes would qualify as heroes because they saving lives, too. And the one who runs his storm bunker during the eye of a tornado to rescue mother cat her kittens most certainly is a hero, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TSKnight;[URL="tel:1984617"
    1984617[/URL]]Depends on the Karen.
    I've met a few who would be all too happy to kill someone that dares to disagree with them. Yet be appalled that anyone would even suggest defending themselves with deadly force.
    spot on. Some of these 115 pound Leftist “womyn” are as fierce in defending their Statist positions as much as the young mother that picks up a car so to save her child.
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