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RandRory Infighting: Dirty Judo & Dirty Boxing

With Randy King and Rory Miller
September 11 & 12, 2021
Times TBD

The RandRory seminar is a combination of Randy and Rory’s favorite things to teach – up close and personal ways to shut a human down. The skills translate very well to the self-defense environment, but the mindset does not. This is done for fun. The seminar is taught in extreme close range, chest to chest or chest to back, brawling. Because of the range of techniques possible and the speed, we find it to be the most realistic way to integrate your fighting skills, no matter what they are.

Student Profile: Appropriate for everyone, but this is a mediumly physical course with few breaks, so be aware.
Mentally, we will be covering “Dirty Tactics” and hit some biases about real world fighting.
Subjects covered include:

  • Bridging Ranges
  • Close range power generation
  • Targeting
  • Specialized strikes
  • Use of structure and void in both offense and defense
  • Takedowns
  • Locks, gouging, and biting

Friday night bonus - Realities Threat Assessment
September 10
This hybrid lecture and physical practice class goes over threat assessment in the sphere of personal safety. We talk about how people show stress response, signs they may be armed, how to tell what level of experience with violence this person has as well as how to use the stress response of an attacker against them.
Subjects covered include:

  • Recognizing stress response
  • Differences between immediate adrenaline and mitigation
  • Trained vs untrained responses
  • Quick read matrix
  • How to hack the stress response in your attacker

Dates and times:
September 10 - Realities Threat Assessment

September 11 & 12 – Infighting – Dirty Judo & Dirty Boxing
Times TBD (all day)

All three days: 225
Saturday/Sunday: 185
Single full day: 105
Friday only: 65

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