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    I prefer low recoil (under 1200) EVERYTHING in my Tac14. Federal Flite Control 00 buck, Fiocchi 00 buck & slugs and Winchester target loads when not at an indoor range.

    I mounted a CT green laser saddle to the Tac14 so it can shoot accurately from the hip. Super easy to handle and enough firepower at 15 yards to get the job done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MesserMan View Post
    Ooh, thatís a lovely little gun. I want one. IL doesnít play the NFA game though. Throw a Vindicator grip on there, and you have a copy of the MCS breacher. Speaking of which, the Vindicator is the only non-birdshead style pistol grip Iíve found that properly absorbs recoil and lets the gun roll back and down, just like the birds head style. I actually prefer it to the shockwave grip. Itís just too bad that putting it on a Tac-14 makes it shorter than 26Ē, or all my PGO shotguns would wear one.
    "Say hello to my lil friend". :) This is the MCS you speak of. It is a little badass for sure.

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    Brent: I didn’t realize it was an actual MCS; even better. And yes, the handstop on that forend doesn’t do the index finger any favors when shooting heavy loads. I ended up going back to the Magpul forend after experimenting with one on my Tac-14 because of that; the Magpul also just allows more positive control of the gun.

    You all are making me jealous with your MCS breachers. The complete kit is one of my bucket list guns. It’s unfortunate that Remington won’t sell them to the public, but that’s probably a stipulation of the military contract.
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    Tac 13 braced, Tac 14 birds head then braced, 14" agency 870 with magpul furniture. Truth be told, if I could use the magpul furniture on the tac13 without incurring the tax I would, the brace is a workaround and a good one just not the best one.

    on OO buck, 8 pellet does in my experience lack the "flyer" that 9 pellet non FC has. In the words of training day, you can be surgical with that bitch.

    Ive used, Polyshok, #4 disintegrating, OO 9 pellet, OO 8 pellet, OO flite control. Inside the envelope of a shotty any #4 and above will serve you.

    To paraphrase WWII quantity has a quality all its own, this not only goes for shotguns in general, but the ammo you can FIND. Like Greg, I have tested/used Estate, Rio, and Spartan OO buck with pretty consistent results, all of them ran flawlessly in my Tac13. You can get almost anything to work (except those weird mini shells) in an 870, though you might need to use those forearm muscles you developed as a teenager ;)

    Tools follow mission. Sometimes its a spare 20rder on the belt for the suppressed .300, sometimes its a shell carrier with 4 OO and a last solid copper slug, depends on the briefed need. Proactive is also a state of mind, I might end up in a reactive situation, but If Im going out to Big Bend Texas its liable to be the .300, thick brush or urban the 12ga. When the 100lb pit is coming after your team, the 12ga your were going to breach with is pretty decisive and doesnt rely quite as much on shot placement.

    Having been on the receiving end of things (though to a much lower level than Greg) I can say that the slug that hit my plate carrier perpendicular to the plate (hit lower edge), did shove the plate into my left arm hard enough to bruise it from, armpit to elbow, the buck that hit my arm, and the frag to the neck and leg hurt too ;) so energy transfer to the target is something to consider.
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    I find the flight control buckshot fascinating and believe it has a nitch but in general I like to have a pattern/spread for the reasons Gabe and Brent mention elsewhere: better chance of a hit in certain situations and hitting different vitals. A shotgun with buckshot can hit the pulmonary, cardiovascular and central nervous system simultaneously. If you have 8 to 16 evenly distributed pellets in an 8 inch circle, then a shot that would be a miss with a rifle could be an instant kill headshot or a serious torso hit.

    My favorite defensive load in general is 16 pellet #1 buck because many experts say it reliably penetrates 12in in ballistics gel at realistic defensive ranges and I like the higher density pattern.

    The only lopsided patterns I have had have been some of the 3in magnum 00 loads intended for hunting. #1 and #4 buck pattern evenly for me no matter the brand or if they are plated or not, although some open up more aggressively than others.

    The super cheap 00 does not pattern as evenly for me as the copper plated premium stuff but I can also confirm that everything I have ever tested would do fine within 15 yards. Testing at 20-25 yards on human-sized targets I definitely see more vital hits with the premium stuff that has a more uniform pattern.

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