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    I zero mine at 25m /82f.
    Yeah, I know generic Uncle Sam.
    But it works for me

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    Mine is a 50/200 zero on the 55 grain. Don't forget the sight height above the barrel affects your ballistics curve. Most AR sight heights are around 2.75 inches.

    Like Gabe said...Just learn your ballistics. At 300 yds raise about 7 inches. Real close...raise just a little bit. 50 to 200 just shoot and forget it.
    For deer/hog hunting I have the ballistics on my rifle stocks labeled for long ranges on the other bolt action calibers.

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    I am in the 50 yard zero camp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barnetmill View Post
    One thing that I plan to do is use google mapping to determine distances about my neighborhood when I am off my property.
    Another good exercise is to just walk around in your daily life with a rangefinder. I don't mean to do this all of the time, or to add a rangefinder to your EDC. That would be absurd for most of us. Just drop a rangefinder into your pocket tomorrow and walk around measuring distances. Look to see what the farthest shots from your house are. Look for likely positions of cover that bad guys would use and plug those distances into your memory. Game out hypothetical scenarios and consider where targets might be and where you would be.

    It's a little weird to walk around lasing targets, and I wouldn't encourage doing this on the D.C. mall. But you can sit at a coffee shop and discretely lift a rangefinder to your eye for a moment, and very few people will actually take note of what you are doing. If you look the part, an observant person may conclude that you're some kind of PI snooping on cheating spouses. If you are out by the road, they may think you are a surveyor. And that's the small number of attentive people. Most won't even notice what you are doing.

    In my last house, I found that there were some distances that were much greater than I had expected. Most of the shots that I would likely face were inside of 150m. But there was a school 600m east of me that would have allowed a sniper to engage my house very easily. Odds of that happening were astronomically low, but I still made note of that range so I would know how much to dial. I've walked around and lased targets at home, through the neighborhood, at work, along the route that I run, and even at church.

    My own takeaway from this exercise was that there are a lot more long distance shots than I had previously considered, at least when thinking in terms of pistols. With a rifle/carbine, most of them are negligible. The difference between a 50m shot and a 150m shot is virtually nothing. And the CQB holdovers for a carbine are virtually indistinguishable regardless of what zero you select.

    Grab a rangefinder. Go on a little field trip. Collect some data points.

    And, just in case you care, I choose a 50m zero for my carbines and a 100m zero for precision rifles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LawDog View Post
    And, just in case you care, I choose a 50m zero for my carbines and a 100m zero for precision rifles.
    Agreed; 50m/200m zero works for my red dots and LPVOs...and 100m works for my precision rifles. I'll add that a silver Sharpie lets me put zero distances and other pertinent info (gas settings, click sizes for windage and elevation, etc.) on there, as well...
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