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    Going to spend some time in bear country with the family. Yes I'll be armed but from what I understand bear spray is "required". Given that I need some wisdom on what to select.

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    What type of bears? Black, Brown, Grizzly, or Polar. I only have experience with black and polar.

    Black bears generally keep away from humans unless they have learned to associate humans with food. I live with them and have learned to make noise, carry a Glock 20 with buffalo bore, and when I walk into one confidently move away. Females and cubs climb trees to avoid me. Males just stand and huff until I move away.

    I've worked on Devon island in the Arctic. Everybody carriers a shotgun with slugs or a Enfield bolt action. Polar bears will proactively hunt humans as food. Never experienced one in person but the local guides were tough as nails and were constantly vigilant. I had to take the USGS firearms class to qualify for the arctic work. They have a bear simulator. Bears are a small wedged shape target when running at you.
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    Deep research is probably irrelevant, because you'll end up buying whatever the local store has. You can't fly with the stuff.

    Look for the smallest container with the best holster. Which holster is best depends on how you'll carry it--on a pack's chest strap, on your hip, etc. A surprising number of hippies buy bear spray and then end up stuffing it in their backpack, which would require 15 seconds to access.

    If you are required to have it, then you may as well make it as useful as it can be. If there are others hiking with you, have someone who is not armed with a gun carry the spray.

    If you are in Alaska, I know that certain parks will require you to carry a bear-proof food container. They'll require you to check-in at a ranger station, show the container, and sign in. Realistically, though, the locals never do that. We just go hike in the woods. If some ranger came along and wanted to hassle you for not having one, I suppose that could happen. But I don't know anyone who ever had that occur. I don't recall hiking anywhere that required bear spray. I do recall seeing signs at the beginnings of lots of trails informing people that bear spray was advised.
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    Traveling out west, I found Costco to be least expensive source.

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    I did some research on bear spray when I was headed out west elk hunting. Bear spray is equally effective as a handgun in situations where you encounter a bear by surprise while hiking. Most hunters are attacked from behind though while packing out meat and really don’t have any time to react before they are injured. There is also a pretty good chance the spray will blow back on your face and you will mace yourself while being mauled! I had a chest holster to keep the spray immediately accessible, but being that we were backpacking into the mountains for 2 weeks with 80 pound packs we opted to leave the spray behind and just carry a handgun with 1 mag. So I wouldn’t carry both a gun and spray, but certainly wouldn’t hurt to have one of the other family members carry spray. I Ended up not seeing any bears but wolves were plentiful.
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