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    2. Ruger LCR 9mm – This is the Ruger LCR in 9mm shooting from 5 shot moon clips. This is perfect for those of you who stacked your 9mm deep prior to the recent troubles. The weight increases some to 17 ounces, but you get a full stainless frame and cylinder revolver with a durable PVD finish. This will shoot any 9mm load you would normally carry. Mine shoots the Federal 9BPLE (115 Grain +P+) load quite well and it is not particularly difficult to make hits out to 100 yards due to the excellent trigger.
    I occasionally carry an LCR in 9mm and haven't been impressed with the trigger. It's plenty heavy. I have difficulty making consistent pie plate shots at 15 yards. Maybe there were different revisions of triggers? I have no plans to get rid of it, but certainly wouldn't mind upgrading the trigger.

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    I have a LCR and a J-Frame. Not really much difference and I don’t find the LCR trigger any better. I do like the ammo simplify of 9mm. Nothing against Ruger. Their Precision rifle is amazing.

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