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    FWIW I use pmags and load to the max 30. Usgi steel with their potential tolerance issues I used to download by 2.

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    Those pmags also come with snap on dust covers which helps keep the tension off the plastic curved shoulders at the top of the magazine. Everything I have read says that spring tension does not wear out with a full magazine held for long periods of time. Springs wear out from the up and down movement of use.

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    This is a good topic.

    I had always loaded full mag and that is what they had us do in the Corps. They taught to push it in with some force to avoid the catch not catching. I sure I have had a mag drop, but don't remember. You learn quick not to make a fool of yourself. After reading Jonathan N's post on how much is enough and saw he loaded his to 28, I looked into it. Just like here I got mixed information. I figured Jonathan knew a hell of a lot more than me so I downloaded mine to 28.
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    Load to capacity; and if you can’t insert a full mag of some brand or another on a closed bolt then discard that mag or mark it for range only. “I wish I had less ammo” said by no one ever once in the history of ammo.

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