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    Definitely. I know I'll be adding it to my rotation.

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    Tried it yesterday. This is good, and I will be working it in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Yamamoto View Post
    Nope, not fun.

    And yet, it has become a little addictive to me, trying to beat my previous time.
    I think I'll give it another try tonight, but complete each exercise before going to the next, just to see how it goes. I partitioned it like you did the first time 2 sets of 15, then sets of 10 to finish up.

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    Cool. Let us know how it goes!

    i was planning on doing this on monday, but it’s supposed to be 108. I may be lazy that day.
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    Yep. Sucked worse. Form deteriorated a bit once I got above 70 reps on the rows and push ups, but managed to push through in 12:18.

    I'm doing good to type right now. My arms are toast.

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