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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracker View Post
    JMO but coming from the survival/prepper/ hunting side of the house..The Crusader MKII cookset, which is unavailable in the US, and for whatever reason the brits are Fookin crazy for shipping charges when they are in stock anywhere in the UK.

    I met up with BCB intl at SHOT 2020 and also expressed a desire for them to have a us supplier, then COVID hit and they stopped answering emails. Id be up for 2-3 of these sets if the insane charges for shipping to individuals was a little better. Just an idea.

    They do have a wholesale program and Id pimp your store for having them.

    Those Axes are a fine looking piece of steel
    Me, too.
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    You mentioned Hill People Gear earlier in the thread. I'd be interested in one of their kit bags if you become a dealership. The Recon or Heavy Recon caught my eye, but I'd go with a suggestion as to which is more usable/useful.

    Mostly looking for a good way to conceal a pistol while hiking with a pack with a waist belt in a woodland but culturally NPE environment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swamp Thing View Post
    I plan on hunting with this rifle. I have a Tactical 308 but this is for heavy use while hunting. I have had dozens of bolt actions over the years and this is one of the most well balanced, lightweight stocks ive ever had. I also like the magazines the old BDL bottom metal gets annoying especially when its snowing and you have gloves on. This will be a phenomenal multi use rifle.

    Nice, what kind of game are planning on?

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    Mostly going to be a deer gun or coyotes but with the right bullets such as Nosler accubond i would have no problem taking elk or bear with it. Proper bullet and shot placement are key

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    I have a couple of their Kit bags. The Recon has molle on it, that readily apparent, while the Heavy Recon has a bit more depth with laser cut molle, so it is a bit less evil military looking. If you are going to use the molle to attach something like a bino pouch, then I would go with the Heavy recon, however, if you are looking for a more npe friendly appearance, try looking at one of the smooth face kit bags like the Original, Runners or even the SAR bag. My wife uses the Snubby Kit bag in Teal and it does not stand out at all for CCW.

    It would be great to be able to get these from SI. I really like mine and I don't get any strange looks as I hike with a blaster ready to go. I also use it to carry essentials and my camera or Gopro.
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