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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike OTDP View Post
    Since SI isn't in that market, I feel no compunction about pointing out that Grayguns does have a carry comp that meets that requirement.
    as ice already pointed out PMM already makes the exact configuration

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShopMonkey View Post
    ok, let me break down manufacturing - engineering is going to be 1k up front, that can only be made back in time with sales. we have to commit to a minimum of 500 units worth of material to keep the cost down so that we can sell it at a price point on par with our current line of comps. engineering a prototype will take 6-8months based on current demand, which means you do not get your slides back for 6-8 months until we have a workable prototype, with additional time to get it into the production queue which is currently 8-10 weeks, which may shorten or lengthen in the time it takes to get a workable prototype. the slides alone will do nothing for us because in order to test a comp, we must be able to fire it to ensure that it not only allows for proper function, but that it also disperses gas in a manner that is effective. now lets talk about investing in test barrels, because we arent going to disrupt a manufacturing line to one off a barrel. threaded barrels currently in stock for wholesale are from 2 manufacturers, within 10 of each other, but still, not much less than MSRP. now to let you in on a little bit of math that we've already done since looking into it last year. it will take a proprietary barrel, just like the PMM comp, that already exists. this barrel would have a drawn back shoulder and allows for 2-3 full thread revolutions in the standard 1/2-28 pitch.

    now lets loop back around to the bigger issue, we have to sell those 500 units to make anything off of them for that initial run, which compounds with the necessity to set aside a run of 500 barrel blanks, when we can get them again, machined to this proprietary comp. lets look at our past history with Sig products. They sit on our shelf for months, and even years, for no other reason than limited interest or the fact that its not GreyGuns. Whats immaterial to you, is money to us. until this market starts to loosen its grip on available firearms to sell, then we are catering to an extremely limited base.

    so to recap, engineering fees, the final product, proprietary barrel, we're looking at a total product cost to the consumer of right around 300.00, just to compare, the PMM setup is 355.00

    Thanks for posting this, it's an interesting look behind the scenes at SI.

    I knew there was the R&D cost but didn't fully appreciate the logistics of bringing a new product out (current lead times and minimum orders).

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