I spent a lot of time the last couple years with the sword. One thing I got into was the langes messer (German for ďlong knifeĒ). I found Landsknecht Emporium, a custom sword and knife maker in Hungary, that specializes in hard use historical reproductions (both sharps and blunt trainers). I picked up a Gottfried, which I have posted here before.


I have been very happy with this sword. Itís a bit shorter than a standard katana, itís very nimble in the hand, and it is SHARP. Much sharper than any production sword I have worked with.

I didnít have it very long before I decided that I wanted a matching knife. They donít offer exactly what I wanted, so I drafted a design and sent to them. Several months later (they are in high demand), I got a message that the knife is done and on its way. I canít wait to get my hands on it.

They posted pictures on their Facebook page and apparently got so many requests and questions about it that they posted answers for all to see. Apparently LOTS of people want it. Landsknecht Emporium responded that they donít recreate custom orders so sadly it wonít be available in exactly this configuration as it wouldnít be fair to the customer/designer...but I let them know that I donít care if they add it to their regular line up (itís really their design, just scaled down). They are too backed up to do so but arenít ruling it out in the future. So, who knows, maybe one day you guys can buy one.

I had pretty precise dimensions but donít have the specs in front of me. Itís smaller than what I usually cut with, but Crocodile Dundee would be proud.