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    Default Wanted Suarez International Class: 1 Day J-Frame NPE Techniques & KWTL Refresher

    I was thinking of the ideal 1 day October/November, Saturday course in Prescott and thought of this:
    • 1 Day J-Frame NPE Techniques & KWTL Refresher

    If this ever materializes into a 10 to 20 person class at about $250 or so I’d be interested.

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    Im interested

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    T A K E M Y M O N E Y !!!!!

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    This would be really great. Explore both the reactive and proactive gunfights with the NPE J-Frame and KWTL refresher. I would do this for sure.
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    48,192 could happen. Its stuff like this that I want to focus on. It could have a brief marksmanship segment...yes, you can hit at 100 yards with a J frame...or eyeballs at ten feet. Then an integrative segment of...well...think of an uppercut with a J frame, and the ramifications of such. The covert, counter- CSI aspects would be discussed in passing, as well as what some of the spooky, "sneak in and kill 'em while they sleep" guys do with J frames.
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    Matter of fact...currently behind enemy lines. The weapon that has lived in my belt line...a Smith 642 with a Techna Clip. No...not optimum...but as a special purpose weapon...yes.
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    I’d come down for this. It would be a blast.
    Brent Yamamoto
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    But not from San Francisco.
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    +2 whippersnappers here.

    Can pay in cash, ammo, or grass-fed meat.

    @Brent- Would you be open to teaching as well?

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    Yes, please.
    Check 6,
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