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    That sounds like a great way to keep running into our "older" age. I gave up running years ago because of back issues from my LEO/SWAT stuff and old injuries, but bought a Peloton about a year ago. That thing has been great for my cardio. I usually do 3 quick sets of pull-ups and dips before jumping on for a fast 20 minute ride, and always spend part of that time out of the saddle sprinting. It works well for my almost 61 year old body, keeps the weight steady, and has been fantastic for my cardio and blood pressure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twinboysdad View Post
    Sprints, about 85% for 100 yards and walk back for recovery. I live on a God forsaken hill 110 yards long and easily 45 degrees. I wear that bitch out too, but a sprint on it is more setting a pace and not backing off. Another option is walking with a slosh pipe or medicine ball. Steady state for ease on joints and work the piss out of the pipe or med ball. When I had the Wuhan Flu and cardio was hurting, I did sand bag carries while my family ran.
    The place we are buying in Prescott is on top of a nice hill, canít wait to get back into hill sprints.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jlwilliams View Post
    Galloway's method sounds like a variation on "scout pace." Run walk run walk to cover ground.
    Yep. I discovered the 'scout pace' when I was training for hills several years ago. My former office did an annual pilgrimage to Skagway for the Klondike Road Relay, and I often got the hilly sections of the run. On level ground, I can just keep going. But on hills, I found that it improved my times if I broke things up into blocks of running and walking. For me, it was a 20-count of running, followed by a 10-count of walking.

    Fartlek is a bit different, in that it is generally unstructured. I've used that on trail runs, where I would run the smooth sections and then slow down to a walk to navigate around rocks and obstacles. Initially, it was just for safety, but I found that it kept me at speed for longer.

    I need to get back to running again. Texas does not make me want to go outside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LawDog View Post
    Texas does not make me want to go outside.
    I lived down there for 12 years and know exactly what you mean. I wish I had discovered cycling before leaving Texas- I think it's the one thing that I could've enjoyed doing in the summer down there.
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