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    Quote Originally Posted by Papa View Post
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    'Cause I like pictures.
    That's it. I had to have one, so I did.

    As to the mention of sighting, aye there's the rub. With a laser, it's fun, but practical? Not really.

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    There's my Glock PDW with linear comp.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DogDoc View Post
    So Josh are you guys working on a forward diverter for shorties? If so, do you have any idea on an ETA? I'd be lots happier to buy the rascals from SI than somebody else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Solothurn View Post
    I had a Midwest Industries Blast Diverter on a 10.5 inch 5.56. It reduced noise and blast from the shooter’s side a good bit better than an A2 flash hider, but still pretty loud.
    I've got two 5.56 10.5" pistols one I assembled my self and it has the same blast diverter. The other the S.I. Commando upper on a lower I assembled, it has the factory supplied A2 flash suppressor.
    I don't find much difference but I don't find the muzzle blast that obnoxious from either one. And thats many times shooting from a covered firing point. A subjective thing I don't know?

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    Anyone have experience with these?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DogDoc View Post
    If the goal is to have a functional brake some of the time, but keep it from being so loud other times, that should do the trick. You don't get both at the same time though; installing that shroud will remove most of the effectiveness of the brake.

    At least it's a fairly light weight setup, unlike most of these flash can devices. With most flash can products out there, IMO you're better off with a 2" longer barrel and standard flash hider; noise is about the same, ballistics are better, and there's less weight out at the muzzle.

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