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I want to move to the area too, but to be honest, the current prices are simply beyond what I’m able to pay. Does much of Prescott also apply to the surrounding area? Any locales to avoid? Places like Congress, Paulden, Dewey are more in my price range. Fortunately, I don’t need a big house, but I do prefer rural with 2 acres or more.
If at all possible Id make a visit and get a feel. You cant replace driving around and experiencing everything in a 3D environ. We done a family vacay in Sedona and visited two different days. Ate at a diner, walked around the Costco, ate at the Palace. You get a granular feel for places that way. If you are new to the west or from the east where everything is pretty close it will be an adjustment. Things tend to be pretty far apart and takes some driving.

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Everything everywhere (not just Prescott or even AZ) is waaay over priced after the Dems crashed the economy with all their free COVID money and everybody just thought they could zoom work for the rest of their life. I think, between the cost of building materials going down and more employers pulling back some from telework since the pandemic, things will fall even more. We are still pretty far from the bottom Im afraid.