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    Pass my hearty congrats to your young man!
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    Splendid choices. I have received all those things from my parents, albeit at different times of my life. I got the "something to fight with" at high school graduation—the gun decision I most regret making was selling my Gen 3 G19 and cycling through other things. And now I have one back in my belt.

    My congrats to your son. May he first learn the words of his Heavenly Father, so that he may know the Father as He truly is; learn to follow the Spirit in life like he follows that compass in the woods; learn the structure, requirements, and principles of our country's Founding; and learn to place his bullets where they belong.

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    THIS is what parenting should look like- not wondering where your 13 year old gangbanger is on a school night! You have given this country a citizen who understands the rights and responsibilities and a man of moral character. God bless the family and the tradition!

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    Very nice, well done.

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    Hell, yes. Parenting done right.

    Be humble of character, warm of heart and kind. You will know when it's time to flip the switch and unleash the beast.

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    That is good stuff there. Great job!
    Common sense is not a common virtue!

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