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    What LawDog said resonates with me. When small legitimate laws are broken to uphold big laws, my observation is it usually doesn’t end well.

    UC to break up a terrorist org or overseas to provide critical intel seems understandable. The whole war on drugs, from my foxhole, seems like it goes against common sense.

    I’m not for drug use. I think any recreational drug use is stupid.

    I am pro LE but don’t think the Grossman sheepdog - sheep concept is the appropriate model for the free citizens of a republic.

    Every American man, no matter if how he earns his living, ought to have the skill set and mindset to throw the switch and go into warrior mode if necessary.
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    So my POV...I could give three shits about the War on Drugs. As one old VN Vet I worked with used to say..."It was a shitty war...but it was the only one we had". I never cared deeply about drug traffic. But I did enjoy what I got to do because of it.

    As far as Grossman...I dont care for his silly analogy and have said as much...even to him. I am not a protector or a sheepdog and dont care about sheep...or what happens to them. They chose their path and now they can live with it...or not.

    My team and I were hunters. Sure we rescued a few sheep...but were there to kill the bad guy...if we could...not to keep anyone safe. And if I rolled up and you had smoked would find us as jealous as hell.
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