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    Default Respirate-How to reduce stress, lower BP, and improve recovery.

    I have utilized the Resperate device to lower BP, reduce stress, and treat insomnia for over 10 years. It trains you to increase parasympathetic tone by decreasing the duration of inspiratory phase, increase the duration of the expiratory phase, and slow your overall respiratory rate. I'm still using the device I bought in 2009. After two years of using the Resperate, I started measuring HRV. Somehow I failed to connect the two. Several years after using both tools simultaneously, I broke the wire that went to the chest strap on the Resperate. I procrastinated (imagine that!) and several months went by before the light went on. During that period of time, my HRV score started to fall. About 25 points it fell in a couple of months. When I finally ordered the replacement and started using the Resperate again almost instantly my score recovered it's previous position. Anything that impacts your parasympathetic tone will impact your HRV score.

    The moral of the story is the Resperate is an awesome device. If you want to measure its efficacy outside of improvements in your blood pressure, measure HRV to confirm the benefits. As an aside, one other tool that has dramatically effected my HRV score is the OOLER mattress pad. That has been a game changer in sleep and recovery for me.

    And, while I am pimping products, I just purchased the . It's a cross between a Bosu ball and a step machine. Pretty cool especially for those that utilize a stand up desk.

    And it is RESPERATE not Respirate!
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    Thanks for the insight! I was looking for a solution for my stand up desk and will look at the other suggestions.

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    I have one. It works! The device teaches. After a while you can perform the breathing sessions without the device. There is a lot to breathing, e. g., Systema, yoga, kyokushin karate, actually even when shooting that precision round down range.
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    Interesting that you mention HRV, Zzooomm. I'd never heard of it until we got a Sleep Number bed and it started telling me my HRV was low. I know my BP started creeping up a little after I turned 50. Those two things make me want to try this Resperate device.

    As an aside, I sleep better and have far less shoulder pain since switching to the Sleep Number bed.
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