Good Afternoon, WarriorTalk!

This is the son of the Taipan, Longbow_Actual. I'm relatively new here, but some of you may know me.

We have some new sales today with magazines:

First, the Taipan is clearing out some of his stuff, and now we have some used PMAG AK Magazines.
- PMAG AK M2 30rd Mags, Only 12.99$
- PMAG AK M3 30rd Mags, Only 19.99$
Stock is limited on these AK magazines, so be aware of that!

Second, we have some new Magazine Combat Packs, called "Cinch Packs"
- Comes with 2 or 4 magazines, and a magazine clamp for fast reloads.
- Available in Magpul, Lancer, SureFeed, and Duramag!


Magpul M2 Cinch Pack:
- Comes with 4 PMAG 30 M2 magazines
- Comes with 2 Magpul Magazine Clamps

Lancer Cinch Pack - Black
- Comes with 2 Lancer L5AWM 30rd Magazines (Black)
- Comes with 1 Lancer Magazine Cinch

SureFeed E2 Cinch Pack - Tan:
- Comes with 2 SureFeed(R) E2 30rd Magazines (Tan)
- Comes with 1 Lancer Magazine Cinch
only $39.99

Duramag Cinch Pack - Grey:
- Comes with 4 Duramag Speed Aluminum 30rd Magazines (Grey)
- Comes with 2 Lancer Magazine Cinches

** The Lancer Magazine Cinches work with either the Lancer Magazines, or any GI-Style Aluminum or Steel Magazines.
*** Other Colors may become available with the Duramag and SureFeed magazines in the future.

I will try to keep you guys posted on new magazine sales as they come.

Stay Frosty,