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    Order placed, along with some other stuff. Things are gettin' fun...

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    My rig arrived this week and love it! Easily concealable under a jacket or hoodie. Part of the standard car gear now. Thanks SI!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShopMonkey View Post
    Well, it took for fucking ever, but Chase finally got the Black LVPC carriers to us today. ive got 7 left, and updated the plate options, to include buying the carrier standalone, to what is currently in stock. Luckily getting plates here only takes a week.
    those of you who didn't get a shipping notification today, you'll have one in your inbox tomorrow.

    if anyone else wants one, grab one while you can, i don't know that we will be doing another run of these:
    Thanks for the update. Got my package and it looks well made.
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