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    im gonna take a shot in the dark here and say most of us keep mags in the car, and probably various places, glove box, door pockets, center console, cup holders, etc.

    well a little bit of digging around and i came across whats called the Ranger Rack. these actually serve to be fairly multi-purpose, as while they are designed to be placed into the door pocket of your vehicle, they can also be pulled off and placed on a belt if needed, and offer a bit of standoff if you're running a carrier.

    i see these being useful across the board for a multitude of people here, especially since lets face it, we're staring over the cliff at some close to home tough times. there are 3 options to choose from, the single rifle: single pistol mag rack, single rifle: double pistol mag rack and a double rifle: double pistol mag rack.

    for the everyman its a great car option to add some organization to your vehicle, especially if you travel with kit. for the hunters, its a great option for hog and predator hunters, or really any type of hunter running an ar in the back country.

    for the active LEOs here, the fulls size (2x2) ranger racks been tested for fit in the following paddy wagons:

    Dodge Charger
    Ford Crown Victoria
    Ford Explorer
    GM trucks late model/full size
    2019 Chevrolet Silverado

    get yours here:

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    Tried them and like them, as a general rule, I tend to like their stuff. Excellent price too! I love my Jeep Gladiator, but having a Ranger Rack in my door panel was nice in old truck.
    Semper Fi!

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