I just finished putting up two new "built on your frame" packages. No pics of the completed product yet because we haven't had one to build, so the first few builds will be featured on the website as final product pics.

first up is the 43K Guttersnipe, featuring our SI-43K slides. Once either we are able to get blanks to start kicking out barrels again, or if a solid quantity becomes available from another reputable company, the package will also be offered for 48's

next up is our Gunfighter-47. True to the number the GF-47 is based on Glock's contract only G47 pistol, as discussed in other threads, and will feature our upcoming SI-47 slide mated with your G19 frame. This slide will available in gen3 and gen5 configurations making it available for use with gen 2/3/4/5 G19 frames. The slides are not expected to be off the machines and back from finish until June, so if you bug us for a lead time before, that your slide is getting battle-worn in traffic.