This package allows the use of Gen 5 Trigger components in any Gen 1 through Gen 4 Glock pistol. The Gen 5 trigger unit is a definite improvement over the prior generation triggers. The use of the new small captured flat type spring, rather than the old style "S" spring, makes for a far better feeling trigger that is both smooth and repeatable. It is also a far more reliable trigger by relieving unnecessary tension on the spring, improving its lifespan, and eliminating spring breakage. The Suarez Gunsmith Staff developed a system to use that trigger system in prior generation Glocks. The Suarez Trigger Advancement Group is a drop-in kit and will provide you with the most reliable, safest, and smoothest breaking trigger possible on a striker fired pistol without changing the trigger weight.


  • Gen5 Trigger bar with Suarez Faceshooter Flat Trigger
  • Dot connector
  • Gen5 Trigger package
  • Gen5 Slide Cover Plate