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    Quote Originally Posted by Sohei View Post
    If one is training for "Warriorship" it does and those doing the training know it. If they are just training for one of them...well they get what they get. I would never simply want one part when I could get the entire package with a little more effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel Suarez View Post
    One thing not often mentioned, which brothers Brent, Ted, and Greg have discussed with me at our periodic sessions is the issue of mobility. Something nobody worries about at 20, at 60 it is a factor. One thing that kills old geezers, other than the obvious (not to mention younger women) are falls and the resulting sloth. Mobility is accompanied by a term I recently learned - proprioception.

    In my youth we would say, "That dude is a natural athlete...very coordinated". What we meant was that he was very mobile, agile, and had great proprioception. The self awareness of the position and movement of the body.

    I have experienced it many times and have written about it here. After some half century of studying violence, physical culture, and such things that accompany it, I will tell you the best way to develop this secret Spiderman skill is by the study and continual practice of kata. When I do a video people comment on how fluid I move (and if they are careful, they never follow with a "for your age"). And those of you who've trained with Brent - well, 'nuff said. I will note that Brent has a far higher level of understanding of these matters than I. But all of that aside, we didn't get this way by jogging, or being strong, or anything other than the judicious practice of kata.

    Boring to short-attention span Americans, and the bane of the sport karate crowd (yes...there are karate bullet golfers), it develops the proprioception that we are talking about, can be trained anywhere at any time at any age, and best of only costs time.
    Great point on mobility and proprioception. I'm pretty decent at both, I think, from years of kata and soccer, in addition to wearing barefoot shoes for the last couple years. (And I think I spied a pair of Merrell Vaporgloves in the movement part of the Bilateral Rifle Shooting vid series—excellent choice.)

    But I have also let my practice of kata slide lately. Time to get back on doing at least a couple each day, including on in-between cardio days.

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